Hello beauties!! In today’s post I am going to be sharing with you my thoughts on The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation. In case you didn’t know, a serum foundation is typically a lightweight, light coverage foundation that is very liquidy. The goal with a serum foundation is to even out your skintone rather than covering all imperfections, unlike a medium or full coverage foundation. However, some serum foundations are buildable and can get to a medium coverage. Now that you know what a serum foundation is, let’s get into this review!



This foundation runs at $6.70 per bottle and each bottle contains 30 ml of product, which is a pretty standard amount in the world of foundations.

full view


The bottle it comes in is a lot lighter than I was expecting, however, it still feels sturdy. It comes with a pump, which I absolutely love because it makes it SO much easier to get the actual product out (talking to you sans pump foundations in this cruel, cruel world).



Currently, I am a pasty ghost, so I went ahead and got the shades 1.1N and 1.2N.  They have a pretty decent shade range for lighter complexions, but only a few for darker complexions, so hopefully they are coming out with more shades.

L to R: 1.1N, 1.2N

Coverage & Finish:

The Ordinary claims this has medium coverage with a semi-matte finish. I believe it is more of a light to medium coverage depending on if you use a damp sponge or brush. The finish indeed is a semi-matte and it looks like a second skin once applied. One thing I did notice though, is when I go to build up coverage using a damp sponge, the foundation almost comes off my face and smears. This only happens when using a sponge, so I am thinking this is better when applied with a brush.

on skin
after setting with powder

Wear Time:

On a normal day, I will put my makeup on around 6-7 am and typically I need to blot my face once around noon and once around 5-6 pm. I prefer to have pretty matte skin, though, so you may feel differently about blotting that much. This foundation did a really good job of not separating when I check up after about 6 hours of wearing it, but after 12, it has began to separate around my t-zone. Take into consideration that I use setting powder and spray everyday as well, so it may not last as long if you don’t set like I do.

Final Thoughts:

This foundation is pretty wonderful. I love the way it looks on my skin and does an amazing job of feeling weightless. I get lots of complements whenever I wear it, so it has been settled that this is one of my new favorites. I am definitely going to have to try their full coverage foundation, so keep a look out for that post in the future!

Thank you so much for reading my post and make sure you stay tuned for next weeks post!

P.S. It will be on a pretty rad set of eye brushes!