Hello beauties!! 🙂 Today’s post is so exciting I can’t even handle it. Jaclyn Hill, aka the Queen of Youtube, has collaborated with Becca to create this perfect and gorgeous highlighter called Champagne Pop. When she announced this collaboration, I knew this highlighter would be mine. I cyber stalked Sephora until I could buy it, and placed my order within three days. The first two days it was completely sold out. I wasn’t fast enough. I was borderline to tears because I thought it was gone forever because it is limited edition, but they restocked it and I screamed and bought it immediately. The three days it took to ship seemed like a lifetime so when it got here this morning, you know I had to do my makeup right there and then like my life depended on it. The first time applying it I was speechless. It is so gorgeous. And since I haven’t stopped asking my family to look at my cheekbones. Why? Because my highlight is on point and it will be for the rest of my life now that I have this. Oh, and Champagne Pop broke a Sephora record of sales within the first day. Now that is the power of Jaclyn Hill.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in Champagne Pop— $38


I have been getting into highlighting and contouring a lot lately. Well, mainly just getting into the glowy and dewy Summer skin. But let’s be honest, I will continue the glowy skin no matter the time of the year. Long story short, I have been highlighting my face everyday. Every day. But my highlight has never been this on point. I could get used to this Becca highlighter formula. And probably buy like two more of their highlighters.

Getting back on track, this highlighter is a light peachy gold and is very shimmery but doesn’t have chunky glitter.


The little shimmers are so tiny that it is almost metallic. The powder itself is very fine and very pigmented so you need the tiniest amount to give you a great highlight.

swatchswatch on hand

I really like to wear highlighter when I don’t really feel like doing a lot with my makeup. I just put some mascara on, some concealer, and then a highlight. It is very pretty and summery which is why I like it so much. This highlighter also lasts all day on my face. I didn’t put my mattifying primer on today, so my face got pretty oily throughout the day, but my highlight was still there. It is a pretty big deal when makeup lasts on my face without a primer. I put it on around 12:00 in the afternoon and it is now almost 9:30 at night. I am pretty impressed. One thing that some highlighters do is move around your face and leave sparkles everywhere, but this one does not.

on fleek
BOOM! Highlight on fleeeeeeeeeek.

The packaging of this product is the same as all the other Becca highlighters; the round saucer type of packaging with a really nice mirror on the inside. It is a matte espresso brown shade with the silver metal on the top.

product packageproduct with cover

However, the box it comes in is a lot different than all the other ones. It is a gold box with what looks like water droplets. On the front it has Jaclyn Hill’s signature under the Becca label and then on the back it has a little excerpt about the product from Jaclyn Hill, her picture to the right of it, and her signature under that again.

package front package back

Such a gorgeous box, but I wish they would have made the actual product packaging different from their normal line. But all in all I am okay with that because the product itself is so great. If you love highlighters and you love Jaclyn Hill, you absolutely need this in your life. It looks great on every skin tone out there (you can check the hashtag #ChampagnePop on Instagram to see everyone’s gorgeous highlight) and is just beautiful through and through. As I mentioned above it is limited edition, but is in stock right now, so you will have to buy it fast because I do not know how long they will keep it up on Sephora’s website.

What do you guys think about this post? Are you going to check out the highlighter? Let me know in the comments because I love to read them and respond back! 🙂 And sorry this post is going up so late, I really should not listen to music when I write because I get sidetracked and end up singing and dancing all over my room. I had the intentions to get this post up earlier, but a dancing me doesn’t write very well.  😉 Anyways, I hope you liked this post and be sure to come back for my next post! As always have a great rest of your day!

Side Note- If you are wondering what is on my lips, it is the Make Up Forever Plexigloss in the shade 304. I got a sample of this and now I am hooked on it. It is so pretty! 😀