Hello beauties!! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be on the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in the shade Rosé (find it here). It was a pretty pricey lip balm, but I have heard some pretty awesome things about it. And I was in a Sephora in search of a good lip product. This came to my mind when I thought of a good one. If you are just as interested in this product as I am, keep on reading to decide if you need it as well. 😉

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rosé

Price: $22.50 at Sephora, it is very pricey for a lip balm, but it is the best one I have ever tried.


Packaging: The box it comes in is gorgeous and I love the colors of the print. The actual tube of the lip balm is a really pretty and girly pink. It twists closed, which is great because it won’t pop open in your purse.


Review: I LOVE this lip balm!! It is very moisturizing and gives just the right amount of color. Also, it lasts on your lips for quite awhile longer than regular lip balms, which I like. I regularly prefer lip balms with mint in them, because I like how they feel on my lips, but I was pleasantly surprised at this balm. It has a strawberry lemonade smell, which took me awhile to pinpoint, but it smells so good. I can’t stop smelling it. It makes your lips feel so luscious and feels like such a luxury to use on your lips. My lips have not been chapped once since using this. There are also so many different shades to suit whatever you prefer that I think it is one of the best must have luxuries in makeup. This one in particular is quite sheer, in the swatches I had to build it up so you could see the color, but that is also a good thing because it looks natural.

Top is multiple layers and bottom is one swipe.
Swatched on lips.

What do you guys think of this lip balm? I really do enjoy it, despite the price, but if it isn’t something you are looking for, I am sure there is something comparable at the drugstore. As always, have a great rest of your day and be sure to comment any suggestions or thoughts!! 😀