Hello beauties!! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be so super exciting because L’oréal just recently released two new eyeshadow palettes, which are rare in the drugstore, but I think they are gaining popularity between the brands. I only picked up one at Walmart because I thought it had the prettiest shades and I didn’t (probably do) have a palette just like it. So now that you have heard my terrible excuse in order to buy another eyeshadow palette, let’s get into the swatches and review!

Price: $16 at Walmart, find it here–$20 at Ulta, find it here


Packaging: It is just a black plastic palette with a nice secure closure. It also shows some different looks that you can do on the back.


Tones: This palette leans more towards the purple tones, but it also has some taupe and rose tones in it. So basically my dream palette.


Eyeshadow Textures: There are a total of 10 eyeshadows; 6 matte and 4 shimmer or satin. In the swatches, I didn’t use a primer and swatched from left to right in the palette.


Overall Review: I love this eyeshadow formula! It didn’t quite last as long as some of my Urban Decay or Lorac eyeshadows, but it was very close. They also blend beautifully! I didn’t expect the quality of these eyeshadows to be this good! They are very soft, a little powdery, and quite pigmented.  On the downside, this palette’s shimmers are more satin like, and aren’t very eye catching, but it just depends how dramatic of an eye look you are going for. The mattes are buttery and everything you would dream in an eyeshadow; gorgeous colors and easy to blend. As I mentioned, the palette has many tones, so you can create many different looks from simple to smokey. I also love how the range of purples varies, there is a lilac, a more of pink toned purple, and then a plum so you can do an all purple eye look. All in all, this palette is absolutely gorgeous and for the price, you can’t beat it!!

Bottom Line: You need this palette if you are wanting some different tones of eyeshadow to play with.

Okay, I think I used the word gorgeous like ten different times in this post, but at least you now know that this palette is in fact gorgeous. 🙂 I also wanted to give a little update about what I am planning for my blog! So, today I ordered a new tripod and some umbrella lights to create my own mini studio to take better quality pictures to use on my blog. And with the school year ending, I am going to be spending more time on my blog and in the blog community so I am super excited about that! The tripod and lights are coming on Tuesday, so next by next Thursday, I hope to have the mini studio up and running! I am also going to be updating my blog’s pages so I will announce at the bottom of my posts when I am done updating my blog! As always thank you for reading my post and be sure to come back this Monday for a new post! Have a great rest of your day!! 🙂