Hello beauties!! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be super exciting because I found a pretty close dupe for the Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham nail polish in the shade Bamboo White. I am still looking for an exact dupe because I know there is one out there, but this polish is still pretty close. So if you are wanting to learn about this dupe, keep on reading!!

DUPE: Sinful Colors Nail Polish in the shade 300 Easy Going (find here)

Prices Compared: $2 (SF for Sinful Colors) VS $25 (VB for Victoria Beckham)

Amounts Compared: 0.5 fl oz (SF) VS .47 fl oz (VB)

Formulas Compared: SF is a little more streaky and wears about 3-4 days without a top coat before chipping VS VB levels itself out and wears about 5-7 days without a top coat.

L to R: Bamboo White and Easy Going
One Coat
L to R: Bamboo White and Easy Going
Three Coats

Colors Compared: SF is a light shell pink without any gray while the VB is a shell pink with gray.


Bottom Line: Easy Going by Sinful Colors isn’t an exact dupe but is pretty close. 

Thank you so much for reading my post!! Be sure to comment what nail polish brands you want me to find dupes of the Victoria Beckham polish! As always have a great rest of your day and remember to come back this Thursday for a new post!!

-Savannah ❤