Hello beauties!! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be on something so very exciting that I can barely handle it. My first monthly subscription box! Courtesy of my Aunt as a birthday gift, I now have a 6 month subscription! I will most likely continue my subscription with Birchbox for awhile so be expecting a new series! Anyways, they send you a customer favorite’s box when you get it as a gift because you still have to fill out a beauty profile. If you are wondering what Birchbox is, it is a monthly subscription box of 5 deluxe samples usually tailored to what kind of things you are interested in. It is only $10 per month, which is pretty good because it has a whole bunch of brands you can get the samples from, and then you can buy full  size products on the Birchbox website. Also, you get points ($1 spent= 1 point) that you can get from buying items on their website or reviewing products (10 points per review, 100 points= $10). So, you can save up your points and buy something on the website, for example 200 points would buy you a $20 dollar product for free. Also, whatever brands that were sampled in the month’s box ship for free when you purchase them on the website. Pretty cool right? So without further a do, the customer favorites box! If you are interested in Birchbox I will link it here.

P.S. I am going to put the prices of the full size products and link them to the Birchbox website if you are interested in them! Also, I haven’t really tested all of the products since I just got the box yesterday so if you want a review I can do one!

The first product in the box was the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil (retails for $25.95). I like this oil better than my CHI one! It smells heavenly, like if they had this in a body cream or spray, it would be mine. It also makes my hair really soft and shiny, love it! Find it on the website here.


The second product in the box was the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Poppy (retails for $20). I LOVE the color, it is gorgeous! But I haven’t really tested its staying power so I will keep you updated. Find it on the website here.


The third product in the box was the Harvey Prince Hello Body Creme (retails for $22). Again with the scents, I love them. It has a very musky, natural scent (it’s organic) and it just smells wonderful. Find it on the website here.


The fourth product in the box was the Not Soap, Radio Bathing With Sharks Body Wash (retails for $16). I like how this smells fresh like the beach, but it is just a body wash and I probably won’t purchase the full size. It just wasn’t anything special. Find it on the website here.


The fifth product in the box was the Whish Shaving Cream in Pomegranate (retails for $20). I have had one of these samples before and I loved it. It was so moisturizing and made my legs feel like silk after shaving. Find it on the website here.


How do you guys like the new series? I am thinking about getting Ipsy to test it out, so I am going to look into it. As for the samples, they were pretty amazing but since these were customer favorites, I am going to have to wait until next month’s box to see if I still like the samples as much. As always, comment any suggestions or opinions below and remember to have a great rest of your day!!!

-Savannah ❤