Hello everybody!! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be a quick rave about a new brush I picked up from Walmart. It is the E.l.f. Small Stipple Brush that you can find here. I have heard great thingsabout this brush from Emily Noel on Youtube so I figured I would give it a try. I haven’t actually tried that many stippling brushes, but this one has to be my favorite one. And it comes at a very small price for how great it is. So before I write too much, let’s get into the rave/review.

Price: $3 from anywhere that sells the brand E.l.f.

Hair Type: Synthetic


Uses: Literally anything you want that isn’t on your eyes or eyebrows. You can apply foundation, concealer, blush, and even pinch it to contour!


Rave/Review: So starting off, this brush has a GREAT price. I would most likely pay a lot more for this makeup brush because it is such great quality, but so are most of the studio brushes from E.l.f. And I know that E.l.f. is sometimes pegged as being a cheap and poor quality brand, but I love a lot of their products and recommend a lot of them! But there are also some not so great products that they sell so it really just depends on you. Getting back to the brush, it is surprisingly soft and dense, but not too dense. I wasn’t expecting it to be as dense as it was. So it also happens to blend in anything amazingly! It hasn’t shed one hair yet and also hasn’t bled at all whenever I have washed it. So long story short, it is my new favorite blush and concealer brush. I love it so much I want another one!

As promised, this was a pretty short rave/review! Please comment any of your favorite E.l.f. brushes and be sure to have a great rest of your day!!