Hi guys!! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be a very exciting one, well for nail polish junkies at least. cough cough me  cough I haven’t been that into nail polish for a couple of months but I have hopped back on that train and its getting out of control. So out of control that I spent $25 on a nail polish. But what can I say, it was pretty and I was in Sephora. Now that everyone has read my life story, I am going to actually start the review, so if you are wondering about that $25 nail polish, keep on reading!

P.S. What do you guys think about a nail tutorial?

Nails Inc. Victoria Beckham Bamboo Nail Polish– Find it here.

Price: $25 at Sephora (wow.)

Packaging: This nail polish comes in a ridiculously large box, you could probably store like 10 of these nail polishes in it. But it is a pretty box I guess, it is just plain white and sturdy so I will most likely reuse it to store some cotton balls. The packaging of the nail polish itself looks very sophisticated and fancy (because it is). It is just plain matte black with matte white lettering and spots on the small sides to show the polish color. You most likely pay mostly for the packaging because it is so elaborate.


Color: On the website, they describe it as a “white nude cream shade” which it is. I am going to try to describe it better though, so get prepared. It is like a light shell gray pink white shade. And I absolutely LOVE the color.


Amount: 0.47 fl oz or 14 mL (a little less than the average bottle of polish)

Claims (more like information about it) Found on the Nails Inc Website: 

“Created with stretch to fit technology, these polishes will glide onto the nail for a flawless finish. Formulated with bamboo extract to help build healthy nails and ensure a perfectly smooth application. Designed by renowned Creative Director Fabien Baron and customized by Victoria Beckham, the new Nails inc glass bottle has been reinvented for this collaboration. Made with the finest Venetian glass, each bottle is hand frosted to reveal the hidden polish colours at either side. ”

Review: As I mentioned, I love the color, it’s amazing. But the formula doesn’t seem like it is worth the $25. It reminds me of the OPI formula, which is only $9, and chips after about 2-3 days by itself. I haven’t tried it with a top coat yet, because I wanted to see how well it held up by itself. I do like how opaque it is though, I can get away with two coats and it has full coverage. Also, it does dry pretty quickly so that is a bonus. I would say this is a pretty good polish, I do like it. In the pictures below, I show how my nails  looked with it on for a week and a half without a base or top coat, and what each coat (first, second, third) look like on my nails.

Nails after week and a half with no base or top coat.
L to R:
Third Coat, First Coat, Second Coat

Is it worth the hype or price? —  It depends on you. Unless you can find a dupe, which I will try to for you guys, I think it is a beautiful shade to add to your collection. But the formula reminds me of the OPI nail polishes so it isn’t really worth all the hype. As I said, I am going to try and find similar shades from OPI or Sally Hansen and will make another post about that. Bottom line, the color is worth the hype just not the formula.

Thank you guys so much for reading my post! Be sure to comment any nail polishes that you think could be similar! Also have a great rest of your day and remember to come back this Saturday (Easter is on Sunday so I will post Early) to read my next post!!