Hello everyone!! Today’s post is going to be a bit different from what I usually do, but it is going to be really fun for me to do. As you can tell by the title, it is the Liebster Award Nomination which is a like tag that helps other bloggers discover new blogs! I was nominated by the wonderful Katie from The Beautiful Geek (thanks again!) to answer the questions she created and to make my own for the people I nominate. So, let’s go ahead and get into the post! 🙂

The Rules:

  1. Link back to the person that nominated you
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees
  5. Notify all nominees on their blogs

Katie’s Questions:

1. What is your favorite fandom couple? 

My favorite fandom couple is Chuck and Blaire from Gossip Girl. (just recently finished it on Netflix and just wow. I love that show.)

2. Which color best represents your personality?

 I think a light pinky beige would represent my personality best because it is still really girly but has a sophisticated tone to it. (and because it is my favorite color to wear)

3. If you could move anywhere, where would you go and with whom? 

If I could move anywhere it would most definitely be New York by myself because I would absolutely LOVE to be by all the fashion designers and there is a good amount of giant makeup stores there. But no matter how fun New York would be, I think it wouldn’t quite feel like home, but always a vacation which can be good and also bad.

4. What hobby/habit do you wish you would start? (by the way, you should totally start it)

I really want to start doing yoga because it seems really relaxing and a great way to stay fit.

5. Who wins, Batman or Superman? 

Superman! Mostly because I grew up with my aunt always having a little superman figurine in her room when I would visit and that may have influenced my love for superman shirts.

6. What was the first Disney movie you remember ever seeing? 

I remember Lilo and Stitch because it was my most favorite movie ever when I was little.

7. What fantasy reality would you love to live in (ie, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, The Hobbit/LoTR etc)

I think the fantasy reality I would choose to live in is Percy Jackson because who wouldn’t want to be a demigod?

8. Which wild animal do you wish you could have as a pet? 

A red fox because they are SO CUTE and they have always interested me when I see them around my backyard.

9. Would you rather have the ability to fly or to breathe under water? 

I would rather have the ability to fly because I think it would be cool to just fly and not have to walk. For example, if I wanted to go to the mall or something, I could just start flying there.

10. What would make the perfect day? 

The perfect day for me is a day spent outside reading when it is still spring but changing into summer so there is like a cool breeze and still pretty warm. And of course a giant bowl filled with strawberries and pineapples. :p

11. Why do you blog? 

I blog because I love to write and teach people new things. I blog about makeup and beauty because it is my favorite thing to talk about, besides books, and I have always dreamed of having a great blog and Youtube channel, so I am working on my dream. 🙂

The Bloggers I Nominate:












My Questions:

What is your favorite perfume?

How many pets do you have or want?

If everything in the world was free for one hour only, which store would you go to first?

What is your go to hairstyle?

You woke up late and are in a hurry, but you want to wear makeup, what products are the quickest for you to use?

If you were to choose between flats or high heels, which would you choose?

What is your most wanted makeup product right now?

What is your favorite part about blogging?

Would you rather live in the city or country and why?

What instantly makes your day better when your day sucks?

If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what book would it be?

Disclaimer: I nominated these bloggers because I think their blogs are wonderful and that you should check them out. I mostly went off of their actual blog followers but if I couldn’t find that number I went off of bloglovin’ followers. Thank you so much for reading this post and if you were nominated it would be super awesome if you answered my questions!! 


-Savannah ❤