So you found a beautiful matte lip color and you apply it, but it looks terrible because your lips are chapped. Sound familiar? If it does then you are in luck because today I am going to show you my favorite way to exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub. The best thing is: you probably have the items you need in your cabinet!! 🙂

Items Needed:

-a small bowl  

-a mixing tool (I used a toothpick) -honey


-a travel container (optional)

Step 1: Put some sugar in a small bowl (if you want to keep your lip scrub for later add a little more)

Step 2: Add some honey to your sugar. (not too much, start out with a little)

Step 3: Mix the honey and sugar together and if needed add a little more honey. The texture should be a little sticky but you should be able to pick up the scrub without it running.

Step 4: Wet your lips with a little water and apply the scrub to your lips. Rub the scrub around in circular motions for about 2 minutes or until the dry patches on your lips are gone. Make sure you don’t rub too hard and hurt your lips.

Step 5: Take some water to wash off the scrub and pat your lips dry. Apply a lip balm afterwards to moisturize.

If you want to keep your lip scrub, you can put it a little travel container. Make sure if you do keep it, don’t keep it any longer than about a week so it is still fresh!!

Now that was easy, wasn’t it? So if you ever have a chapped lip problem, you know exactly what to do. Thank you so much for reading my post and come back on Sunday to see the next one! Be sure that you follow my blog if you would like to keep up with my posts and comment down below any matte lipsticks that you recommend!!

Go from this...
Go from this… this!!
…to this!!


-Savannah ❤